Yoga unites what belongs together

This body is my body, Movement forms me. I am my breath: Yoga (Sanskrit: union) connects to body, breath and minds and thus increases one’s energetic awareness. Tensions are eased, stress reduced – a feeling of harmony and relatedness arises.



Hatha Yoga

The body is that part of the self that can be seen and felt, Hatha Yoga works on the body in relation with the breath: A series of various body postures moves all joints, stretches and strengthens the muscles and has positive effects on the entire metabolism. The organism is enabled to activate its healing powers and to balance out its energies.

Business Yoga

The positive effects of Yoga have finally reached executive acknowledgment: Special work-outs aim to relax company employees – individually or in groups – during lunch break or after-work. The reduction of stress, higher concentration-abilities, better creativity, healthier and stronger backs: Business Yoga is a win-situation for all participants.



Private Yoga Classes

Price: € 50,00 per 60 min.