In the tradition of Tantra men and woman are supporting each other on their spiritual journey in order to grow into unity, love and consciousness. As deeper both are surrendering into love, the more they will be whole. The more they will reach unity and recognize the divine love within each other. Love can only come from inside of us, not from the outside from someone or something. The other can help us to remember.


with different kinds of  meditation (active,Tantra), breathwork, dance, loving touch and more 

we will awaken our body, our energy centers, our sexual energy and our hearts.

Later on we will share this flow in an encounter with  a partner.


We are meeting in our hearts and say Yes to the moment.

There is a possibility to enter into a deep space of love, bliss and relaxation where healing and 

transformation can happen. It can heal and release our wounds, our traumas, our repressions, 

our resistance and can bring healing and love to our relationships to others and ourselves.

 But we have to feel it before it can heal and we are able to make a step  from our inner 

„No“more close to the „Yes“ to Love.


The intention is the Awakening of the Heart and to hold a sacred protected space for you . 

I will guide and support you in this process with kindness, calmness, awareness and presence.


This path of Tantra is about the „Yes“ to life and our feelings, its about love, presence, 

awareness, intimacy, connection, relaxation and sexuality is a part of it.

Love is a mystery and mostly we are afraid to really go there and show ourselves as we really 

are. Here we have the chance to connect and being present with someone including ourselves 

and show ourselves as we really are and feel what ever its needed to feel  in this moment in a 

 sacred and safe space.



This meditation is for all, singles, couples, everyone who feel called.




Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, the divine. 








My name is Narada.I was born in Germany and I have Serbian roots.


On my spiritual path I studied different techniques like Tantra, Massage, Bodywork, 

Rebalancing, Shamanic Work, AUM Meditation Leader Training, Tibetan Pulsing, Biodynamic 

Breath & Trauma Release System,Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda.

I started my tantric path 2013 in India .

For many years im facilitating workshops and retreats with Tantra , Breathwork and Shamanic 

Work.  I started to offer Yoga Classes, and different Treatments like Massage & Bodywork 

around 10 Years ago.

Im really grateful for the tantric path and im deeply inspired by Osho and beautiful teachers 

like Hariprem and Homa and Mukto who created and share their own unique work .


My belief is based on trust in love. 

To relax into the present moment, into life, into love and also our body will make our life more 


complete, easy, juicy, happy and healthy.



For registration and more information please feel free to contact us.