Touch is the initial experience

Atoms touch each other and start to move. Consolation begins, where a compassionate hand is caressing. Rubbing atmospheric layers cause a flash of lightning.

A touch creates connection, change, or feeling. The cultures of Asia developed different techniques over thousands of years, to reach oneness with one self: As a first step to a higher, spiritual unity. 

Yoga, massages, reiki and other practices help to touch one’s Self: To feel better – and feel better.


Since 2004 I studied different techniques like Reiki, Tantra, Ayurveda, Tibetan Pulsing, Rebalancing, Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, Osho Prana Healing and shamanic work. All of them offer great healing effects whether used individually or in combination.

My experiences, encounters and studies from my trips through India and South America give life to my treatments, Workshops and classes – sometimes one has to travel far to find himself, and thus be able to support others in their personal search.


My Intension is to share my experience and support People on their inner  journey of transformation . My Work ist mostly about Tantra, Intimacy, Connection, Breath & Bodywork and Shamanic Work


I teach with love and joy and mostly from my own experience . My teaching is individual and I am grateful to my teachers whose wisdom inspired me and helped me to follow my inner mission.